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We Help Employers Train and Skill Up Their Workforce

We help employers train employees and candidates through targeted skills development based on their industry.

In cooperation with our skills training provider, The Northwest Skills Institute, we have access to industry experts and the latest knowledge in their field. By leveraging the expertise of these experts, we develop targeted skills development certifications that bring to employers the highly-demand skills for entry level workers.

Skills Development Program Process for Employers

Our assessment process measures your essential skills such as reading comprehension, math, and ability to use documents through a series of multiple choice questions. Our skills development program process consist of four simple steps, they are:


Staffing Assessment

staffing assessment process image

Our program manager will meet with you to discuss and assess your staffing needs.


Formulate Program

formulate program process image process image

We formulate a workforce development program tailored for your company.


Train Candidates

train candidates process image

Candidates interested are pre-screened and eligible ones are trained by Northwest Skills.


Start Working

start working process image

Graduates hit the floor and start contributing to your company from Day 1

We Bring You Results - Case Studies

Our programs have successfully certified and placed job seekers and newcomers in careers and helped businesses across industries reach their goals. Read our case studies below to learn more about the challenges and successful outcomes of our targeted skills development programs and see how our programs can help you contribute to a Stonger BC Industry.

Solution to your Workforce Problems

Industry Ready and NWSI is your solution to removing the headache of training staff, reducing training costs and certifying entry level workers that can hit the ground running from Day 1.

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Northwest Skills Insitutute is a skills training solutions provider for Canadian Industry
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